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Moorneks Group PTY (LTD) is a holdings company that is home to a family of businesses in marketing, consulting, logistics, technology, media, and entertainment, we provide innovative product and service offerings catered for consumers, businesses, and markets of tomorrow.

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About Us

Moorneks Group PTY (LTD) is a youth owned start up and holdings company. It is a parent company to businesses including MoorTech, Paymart Digital Commerce, The Guys At Marketing, The Consulting Firm, and NeatWit Media.

Our Mission

"Bringing Tomorrow, Today"

Our distinct approach to business is embedded in our focus on where the world is going to be in the future. Our objective is to bring innovation in our respective industries today and to create industries for the future environment by employing competitive and innovative tactics that companies of today will face tomorrow. We provide business-to-business, public-private partnership and consumer products and services.


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MoorTech is a technology company that is focused on information and communications technology


The Guys At Marketing

The Guys At Marketing is a vibrant full service marketing company with a different perspective.


NeatWit Media and Entertainment

Entertainmet is a media and entertainment company that is involved in film, writing, photography, music, events, broadcasting and publishing.

The Consulting Firm

The Consulting Firm is a full-service consulting firm. We provide business consulting and advisory services ranging from.

Our Story

The company was founded in 2018 by Malebo Mailula, who was then still a student at the University of Pretoria. The inspiration came about after a brainstorm session of ideas with a circle of close friends and family members on how we can make an impact in the world and leave a legacy by using our combined strengths, ideas, and talents to bring about change not only in the world, but also in the world of business, as both worlds are on the cusp of major transformation as technology and many other advances takes humanity on yet another great, gigantic leap forward.

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