Software Development

We take the ideas you want to bring to life and create beautiful, scalable and easy-to-use software products and platforms that enhance enterprise growth leaves your clients satisfied.

Our software development team will hold your hand through the entire process:

1. Probing

To bring your ideas to life, our team works to discover the insights required to develop the best possible solution for your business and customers.

2. Research

In our understanding of your idea and goals, we further aim to understand your user, develop compatible experiences.

3. Prototyping

After gathering all the relevant insights, we proceed to design and develop UI/UX prototypes until we achieve the perfect final product.

4. Development

Your project will be developed with long term efficiency in mind and the tech stack utilised is most suitable and is state of the art.

5. Testing.

The Beta testing phase is a significant phase that is we will diligently navigate with you.

6. Product Launch

The project only starts when it is launched, and we would love to be with you for the longevity of your product’s life.

7. Updates

We will continuously provide you with constant testing, improving and optimisation.


We provide clients with custom web, event, B2B & mobile applications for the needs of your goals, teams, and business.

Web Development

MoorTech develops beautiful and responsive WordPress web and mobile websites, with great design, content and is easy to use.

Look and Feel

We provide you with the best designed websites that will align with your brand and make your business or project stand out.


We pay immense attention on providing the most simple, interactive, and beautiful User Interfaces and User Experience.


We want your business to stand out of 1000s and 1000000s, we will help you appear as a top search result in top search engines.


We will build and design your ecommerce site for your products and services.


We understand that every business is unique, we provide Customer Management Systems we provide that are precise, secure, agile and up to date. At all times.